Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

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This is not a definitive list so please do contact me with anything else.

How much posing do we have to do?2023-08-02T22:23:03+01:00

As much or as little as you want. I like to try and capture the laughter, the tears and everything in between without turning your wedding into a photo shoot. You will hardly know I’m there.

What about particular shots we would like?2023-08-02T22:34:32+01:00

Of course, you name it we can make it happen. Wedding group, separate family shots, whatever. I will have a list well before the day and make sure to fit these in without disrupting the flow of the day.

What if your camera breaks?2023-08-02T22:21:27+01:00

No worries, I’ll just get another one out. You won’t even notice.

Can we print the pictures?2023-08-02T22:21:55+01:00

Of course. You will get full resolution, fully edited files of all your images and you are free to print them and share with friends. We can of course do the printing for you including print beautiful albums, thank you cards and other lovely keepsakes. It’s entirely up to you.

It’s not our first wedding.. can we just have something low key?2023-08-02T22:22:49+01:00

Sounds great to me. When my wife and I got married that’s exactly what we wanted but it wasn’t easy to find someone who wasn’t trying to sell us the whole shebang. Get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you want. Happy to cover as little as an hour, you still get all the images, fully edited.

Our wedding is in Ibiza/Timbuktu, can you do that?2023-08-02T22:20:17+01:00

Definitely, let’s discuss it. Prices for the photography stay the same, just travel at cost to be agreed ahead to be added.

We’re secret agents/rock stars/exiled royals. Can we stay anonymous?2023-08-02T22:19:28+01:00

Without a doubt, only if you give your express written permission will any evidence of your wedding/photo shoot appear on this site. NDA’s are fine too.

Can you make us a wedding album?2023-08-02T22:18:20+01:00

Yes, handmade on archival quality paper that will last forever, as well as thank you cards, prints, folios, whatever you want. You can also leave all that for now and decide after your wedding, next month, even next year. You will have full acces s to an online shop with all all your photos to chooses what you want and when. Your guests can have access to order nice things too!

What Equipment Do You Use?2024-03-05T17:35:44+00:00

The equipment I use is mainly Nikon, chiefly two camera bodies, a Nikon D750 DSLR body and a Nikon Z6ii mirrorless body, with a variety of prime and telphoto lenses. The odds of two cameras failing is beyond slim (not had even one fail yet!) but I also carry a Nikon Z7ii mirrorless body as a belt and braces reserve. Cameras are fitted with dual memory cards set to backup, so each image is recorded twice. I also have several flashguns but try to use natural light whenever possible, modern digital camera sensors are much, much better in low light than film ever was and natural light gives a much better impression of the emotion and feeling of the moment. Occasionally I will also use flash for creative effect, rather than just supplying more light.

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