Domke F2 Rugged Wear Shooter’s Bag Review

The Domke F2 Rugged Wear Camera bag evolved from the original F2 Camera bag which is billed by Domke as “The bag that started it all. Jim Domke had the first one custom made for his own use in 1976, and the F-2 is still one of the most popular Domke Bags today. Designed so that the photographer could get at equipment instantly, without having to take the bag from their shoulder.”

The bag I’m reviewing here is the the Domke F2 RuggedWear version, made from waxed cotton canvas, which I have owned for just over 12 months, so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to put it through its paces. Continue reading Domke F2 Rugged Wear Shooter’s Bag Review

Duke of Gloucester Steam Locomotive

Shot details: Apple iPhone 4 @ 1/950sec f/2.8 ISO 90
Location: Waiting between Lougher and Llanelli, South Wales

I was out on my bike doing my best to keep fit when I spotted a plume of steam rising from a railway cutting. Quite a surprise to see this fantastic looking steam train, Continue reading Duke of Gloucester Steam Locomotive

Peruvian Aplomado Falcon

Shot details: Nikon D90 with Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens @ 300mm & 1/500sec f5.6 ISO 200
Location: Bibury, Wiltshire

The Peruvian Aplomado Falcon or Falco Femoralis Pichinchae, as its name suggests, is a South American bird of prey. There are two other subspecies; Falco Femoralis Femoralis and Falco Femoralis Septentrionalis. There are a few licenced keepers in the UK but it is not a bird often seen.


How to Add Light Rays to Photos

By Mark Kneen

I little while ago I mentioned the Digital Film Tools plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom that will create light rays in your photos. Now this is a good application and gives you plenty of control over the finished look. However it does of course cost and if you have already splashed out (a lot) on Photoshop you may be wondering if it’s possible to do the same sort of thing from within Photoshop without the plug-in, Continue reading How to Add Light Rays to Photos

I’ve just signed up at It’s a bit like flickr but somehow has managed to keep the quality up, although there is no editing as far as I can tell. Overall, it seems easier to use, more intuitive, faster, cleaner and not quite so cluttered as flickr has become. Also, with flickr it’s a bit too easy to get positive comments and I’ve found it’s turned into a mutual back slapping excercise; join our group and comment on 2 photos and we’ll comment on yours – a sort of pyramid comments scheme!

Anyway, here’s a link to my page and the site: