Blue Tit Nest Update

080613The chicks started to hatch on the 2nd June. They were very tiny so it was hard to see how many hatched but they were reaching for food straight away when the parents returned.

Both parents are bringing food and if you look on the nestbox camera you can tell them apart from the male’s tatty hairdo. He’s top left in this picture.

Several days after hatching it’s still not easy to see exactly how many chicks there are. It looked like there was at least one egg unhatched a couple of days after the others and up to 7 beaks have been seen so far. Looking quite healthy and growing quickly, the parents are very active and appear to be finding plenty of food. We have heard of a lot of pairs nesting earlier than these two where the nests have failed. Hopefully with these two being late they have avoided the shortage of food due to the late start to spring.