Still weighing it up

The blue tits are still visiting the box frequently but it may still be a little early for them. We’ve had nest building not start until late April, early May previously, so plenty of time yet. In the mean time, here is a very brief clip of a visit we managed to catch on camera today. Some of the quality is lost in compression but overall, the camera should produce some good images – if the birds do eventually decide to move in!
Here is a clip taken this weekend, you’ll hear the bird land on the box about 14 seconds in.


One thought on “Still weighing it up”

  1. Hi Pat,

    If you check out the ‘Bird Box Camera’ category in the main Blog (link at the top of the page), you’ll find 3 articles on building the box. Basically, I drilled holes the same size as the access hole and covered with sanded perspex to allow light in. Originally, there were holes in the sides and roof but I covered the side holes as the camera is sensitive enough to get a decent picture with just the roof holes and I didn’t want to put the birds off with too much light. Having said that, I have seen boxes online with LED lights for daytime light that have successfully housed nesting blue tits, so it seems they are not easily put off. This box has 940nm infra red LEDs for night viewing but day time viewing is all natural light. The 940nm LEDs are not visible to birds or humans, just the camera. You can get 840nm wavelength that give off a red glow and will probably put birds off.

    The camera itself is mounted on a piece of sanded perspex to allow light through from the roof holes. As long as there are no shiny surfaces, the birds don’t seem to notice the camera.

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