Nest Box Camera Live for 2012

I have now activated the nest box camera for 2012. A few blue tits have been having a look round both inside and out. A great tit was also showing interest but I’m not sure the access hole is big enough. Theoretically it’s not; I made the hole 28mm I think and great tits need about 32mm apparently.

Anyway, I shall post updates if anything happens. It is early yet and with the current cold spell I can’t imagine there will be very much of interest until mid-end of February. In the mean time, you can see the live feed by going here or clicking the ‘Nest Cam’ link at the top of the page. The feed will be be up during the weekends mainly until any birds starting shoing any real intent. I’ll also be recording while the camera is on so if anything happens I will the post clips.[display-gallery size=”medium” hide_featured=”1″]

The stream is supported by Camstreams and you can also see this feed as well as others at their site.


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