National Nest Box Week 2011, 14-21 February

From the BTO Website

Birds are now beginning to pair up for the forthcoming breeding season, so it’s a great time to think about putting a nest box up. This, the coldest winter for 30 years, may well have taken its toll on some of our resident birds, as did the snow and ice of January 2010. Preliminary results from the BTO’s Constant Effort Ringing Scheme for 2010 show adult Robins were down by 27%, compared to the five-year average, and Wrens were down by 20%. However both these species went on to have a good breeding season and productivity (the number of young produced) was up by 22% for Robin and 14% for Wren. Given a good breeding season it is clear that these birds have the capacity to bounce back and, by providing a nest box, we can offer them a helping hand. More information on nest boxes or join BTO and get a CedarPLUS nest box FREE.

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