National Nest Box Week 14-21 February 2012

From 14-21 February 2012 it will be National Nest Box Week, a chance for you to encourage birds in your garden to come home to roost!

Organised by the British Trust for Ornithology, or BTO, the week is an important one for all the brilliant birds we have in the UK, from Robins to Owls!

The idea behind the week is to get us all to put up nest boxes in our local areas, not only to protect the wildlife we already have, but to encourage even more birds to brood in our backyards!

National Nest Box Week started in 1997. As more trees are cut down, birds lose their homes, so putting up boxes is a great way of helping our winged friends – and it’s thought there’s now between 5 to 6 million boxes across the UK!

We have a blue tit nest box set again this year up with a colour camera ready to observe any nesting. Once we see activity we will be switching on a live feed to this website which can be accessed from ‘Nest Cam’ link at the top of the page.


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