Looks Like 9

We have seen 9 eggs this morning, on per day since the first egg was spotted on 13th May. This morning the female has been spending most of the time sitting on the eggs so it looks like she has started incubating them, which also means that 9 eggs is probably it.

Incubation will take around 2 weeks, between 12-16 days and fledging a further 15-23 days. Last year was just about 3 weeks but a lot will depend on the food supply, which could have been affected by the cold winter.9eggs210513

Blue Tit
Breeding Starts: Mid April
Number of clutches: 1-2 (2 is rare)
Number of eggs: 5-16
Incubation: 12-16 days
Fledge: 15-23 days


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