Nest Box Camera LIVE 2014

Blue Tit Nest Box Camera now live for 2014

6th March: Camera feed now fixed, although nothing happening yet.

Below is a live feed from our blue tit nest box camera. The box has been designed to attract blue tits but could attract great tits or coal tits. The feed will be live as often as possible with regular updates on progress posted under ‘Nest Box Update‘ in the main site blog, which you can access from the link at the top of this page.

Live Camera

Stream will be on whenever possible during daylight hours (UK time – GMT+1)

Streaming by Camstreams

As nesting has not started yet in 2014, below is a summary of updates for 2013. For full details & photos see the ‘Nest Box Updates’ category of the blog.

Be aware that last year’s winter was pretty harsh and nesting started quite late. This year so far has been relatively mild so expect nesting early April at the latest.

Blue Tit
Breeding Starts: Mid April
Number of clutches: 1-2 (2 is rare)
Number of eggs: 5-16
Incubation: 12-16 days
Fledge: 15-23 days

UPDATE 10th May 2013:Nest building must have started earlier this week. We had pretty much given up as this is over a month later than last year but then quite a few plants and animals are running behind due to the extended cold weather. I just hope they’ve timed it right for the food for the chicks. We shall see.

UPDATE 13th May 2013:1st egg sighted this morning. The female should lay 1 egg per day now but will probably keep them covered up and only start incubating hwen all are laid.

UPDATE 19th May 2013:Definitely 7 eggs seen today, so 1 per day since 13th May. Female has been coming back to the box occasionally during the day for some housekeeping but always returns for the night well before dark.

UPDATE 22nd May 2013:9 eggs spotted yesterday and the female spending time on the nest during the day. No egg today, so looks like 9 is it and the female definitely incubating. Chicks expected in about 14 days, so around 4th June.

UPDATE 2nd June: Chicks have started to hatch, very tiny so hard to see but already reaching for food when the parents return. You will see both parents bringing food. The male, who has quite a tatty looking hair do, quite often brings food and gives it to the female.

UPDATE 6th June: It’s not easy to see how many chicks there are. It looked like there was at least one egg unhatched a couple of days after the others and up to 7 beaks have been seen so far. Looking quite healthy and growing quickly.

You can leave comments or questions on any of the posts under ‘Nest Box Update‘ in the blog.

Also under the Build a Nest Box blog category you can find details about the construction of the bird box as well as camera and equipment used.

The box had been up for 3 years with no luck and unfortunately during that time the night vision infra red has packed up. However nothing happens at night and there should be enough daylight to see the mother settling down for the night. Also, I blanked off some of the light holes in case the birds were being put off by the light. This means that on dull days the camera reverts to B&W, as it does as the light fades in the evening.

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16 thoughts on “Nest Box Camera LIVE 2014”

    1. Hey, that looks way more advanced than ours. I’ll have a proper read in the morning, thanks for the link. Our camera has packed up this year but we have no birds nesting so looking to improve things for next year.

  1. We haven’t had any bird nests this year, had a great tit nest last year. We do however have a ‘nest/drey’ of squirrels which are fun to watch . My small bird box went up too late this year I think.

    1. We have been out of luck this year too. In some ways fortunate as our camera has packed up… time for an upgrade.

  2. I put up two bird boxes around two weeks ago, one has a camera which is also infra red, so I can see very clearly, today I was just checking my so far empty box and to my great surprise I saw a blue tit visit, he just inspected the box for around ten seconds and left, I’ve been checking all day but he didn’t return, I am really hopeing it returns soon, does any one have any advise on how I can get this camera online so it can be viewed ..? and do you think he will return..? so exited…!

    1. Hi John,

      Great news about your bird box. I’m afraid I haven’t got our box working this year after a camera failure last year.

      A good site to get your feed online is to use Camstreams. As long as you have got your camera feed into a computer, you can then broadcast it it out to the world through Camstreams. Let me know if you get it going and I’ll take a look!

      Good luck

  3. thanks for your reply, I will investigate the live camstream website, I’ve been meaning to do this for many years and eventually got the boxes and cam, so let’s hope I get a nesting pair and some eggs , can’t wait…! will let you know or will post some photos if that’s possible in this forum?

  4. this is the little cam I bought on eBay, I thoroughly recommend this one, it’s even got infra red and sound, and ten metres of cable for £23, or five metre cable one is slightly cheaper.

    1. Looks like great value. Let me know how you get on, easy enough to post some pictures or even a feed from your camera.

    2. Hi mark, this is getting very exiting, the last two mornings I looked at the bird box cam and saw two blue tits visit, staying a little longer each time, I’m away in Yorkshire for two days but when I get back I will post you the video I took.. can’t wait….!

    3. It seems you’re in luck. Facebook wouldn’t let me see the video, I’ll try again in the morning.

    4. I don’t think the Facebook link will work, I am going home tomorrow so will send a Dropbox link..

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “-online.” in “comment_content” *]
    I did a bit of a review recently about various options for getting your birdbox online, an easier way to start off is to get it connected to a PC then use some sort of motion capture software such as ICatcher, that way you don’t have to be glued to it 24/7…

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