How Many Eggs?

The female blue tit is still keeping the eggs covered so it is very difficult to see how many eggs there are. The first one was laid on Monday 23rd April, so we estimate there should be six so far. As she is not incubating them yet, there are more to come. Here is a clip from today on one of her infrequent trips back to check on things where you can see her covering the eggs before she leaves. Sometimes she does a better job than others and here you can still just make out the eggs.

It is quite noisy as is very wet and windy here in South Wales today. If you check back anytime after 18:30 you should see her return to the box for the night. During the day she isn’t back much at all but that will change when she has laid all the eggs, when she will be incubating the eggs pretty much 24/7.

Update 19:08: Definitely 6 and possibly 7 eggs sighted.

Sorry image isn’t great as the light was going on an already dull day so the camera had switched to b&w.


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