Epson Printer Service Reset

Apart from one Canon Printer I have always used Epson Printers. No specific reason but at the time of buying, reviews, prices, and my own increasing bias due to no previous problems led me to buy Epson. At the moment I have two; an Epson Stylus Photo PX700W and the more recent Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD. I think they’re called Artisan rather than Stylus in the USA but they are essentially the same. I use the PX700W for everyday printing and the PX730WD reserved for photo printing.

I don’t really do a lot of printing on either so I was a bit disappointed when I got an error message on the PX700W “ink pads are nearing the end of their service life” and indicating that the only person who could sort this out was an Epson Service Engineer. Do Epson really think that anyone is likely to call a service engineer for a several year old printer that cost £150! My guess is replacing the pads professionally would cost fairly close to the price of a new printer.

What are the ink pads? They basically sit under the print head and soak up any excess ink. More expensive printers will actually have a tank.

Anyway, before committing the printer to the recycling plant I did a bit of research on the error. The message is indicating that the pads that soak up waste ink are getting full. Only it doesn’t actually indicate that at all, the message is set to appear after a set number of prints. After a further pre-determined number of prints, bang, printer shuts down, no more prints… even the scanner stops working. This is in spite of the fact it is actually still a fully functioning printer and scanner.

Stylus Photo PX730WD
Stylus Photo PX730WD

Now I find this a bit annoying, especially when I’m paying in the region of £1,500 PER LITRE for ink! That’s right, work it out, what do they make that stuff with? The irony is that if the printer had just conked out, I’d have been perfectly satisfied that I’d had a relatively cheap item last as long as it did but having it shut down because it’s programmed to really sticks in your throat.

Anyway, a bit more routing about on the internet I found a piece of software designed to reset the counter in Epson printers. In fact it will do a full service check and make adjustments of just about every parameter of your printer. I know for sure it does 700 series because it reset my PX700W in 20 seconds and the printer is now running fine again. It may do 800 series and possibly a lot more.

So, here’s the software exactly as I downloaded it. Before you do download it, be aware that it is NOT Epson software, I have no idea of its origins and it is entirely your responsibility to make sure it is virus free. I’ve obviously checked it and it has caused me no problems whatsoever but just making it clear that whatever you do with it is your responsibility. If your printer is still within warranty, get it fixed by Epson. Any damage caused by this software is down to you.

Click here to download Epson Reset Program

Once extracted, double click the .exe file, select your printer (it needs to be switched on), select ‘Particular Adjustment Mode’ then ‘Consumables Maintenance Counter’ from the list under ‘Maintenance’. You can then load up the current counter values and then reset them with the ‘Initialization’ button, done!

The pads obviously do actually get full eventually causing ink to saturate the paper on both sides. However, Epson err on the side of caution and commerce and mostly you can reset the counter and carry on printing no problem at all. I’ve hard of people re-setting 3 or 4 times without problems. Theoretically it is possible to wash the pads but it’s not something I’d want to try after going to work for a week with a black thumb just replacing a black ink cartridge, I can only imagine the mess!

Remember, all at your own risk!

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  1. Hi,
    I came across this thread because I’m experiencing problems with my Epson Stylus Photo PX700W. For some unknown reason, since yesterday, it’s only printing about 2/3rds of an A4 page. I’ve had the printer for almost 4 years and never really had any problems with it – I thought that it may be something to do with the printer not ‘seeing’ the correct paper size but I’m not technical so don’t really know how to check. Re: the software you’re talking about – I note that you refer to an ‘exe’ file. So, is the software only for PCs? I use a Mac (OS X 10.7.5) – would be grateful if you have any suggestions – Cheers

    1. Hi Tricia,

      I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Macs but I guess this is a Windows programme.

      I’m not sure about your problem though. The reset programme comes into it’s own because the printer has actually stopped printing at all and it doesn’t sound to me as though it will fix your problem.

      Is it printing everything you want printed but smaller, or is it actually missing off part of the printing? If it’s printing everything but smaller this can be due to the printer not recognising the correct paper size. This can be due to the paper not feeding in straight.

      After about the same length of time the scanner on my PX700W started distorting anything I scanned. I never did find the cause.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Many thanks for posting this. My PX700W went into end of service life mode and I couldn’t do anything with it. Had only just bought a new set of replacement ink cartridges so this went down like a lead balloon. a little search on the web and found your link. Downloaded the app, followed the instructions and now the printer is working again. I will work out how to replace the ink pads at some point, more importantly my young daughters are happy they can print home work again,
    Cheers for this, saved me loads of money…


    1. Hi Suresh,

      Glad you found it useful. The ink pads could well last for a couple of resets. My PX700W is still going strong after two.



  3. Hi, I have the px730wd and this resetter for px700w is not working for me. I keeping choosing the usb001 port that my printer is on but keep getting a connection error message (20000108/107) when I try reading/initialising. I’m running windows 7.

    1. Hi, I have the px730wd and this resetter for px700w is not working for me. Help

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  5. Thanks thanks you.My Epson Stylus Photo PX700W is running well after reset with that programm.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  6. Hi Mark,
    Many thanks for this, which I hope will solve the problem with my PX700W. I’ve downloaded the program, and selected particular adjustment mode. There isn’t an item labelled “Consumables Counter Reset”, but there is one labelled “Consumables Maintenance Counter”, so I clicked on that. I’ve been able to load up the current counter values, which has given figures for the main pad counter and the platen pad counter. However, I don’t know how to go about resetting these as you suggest. There are boxes that I can check to clear these completely. Do do this for each one, and do I then have to enter another figure? I’d be grateful for your further advice.

    1. Hi, sorry Peter, Consumables Maintenance Counter is indeed what you want under ‘Maintenance’ (Now edited above). Then you can check the boxes and click on ‘Check’ to see the current count, then check the boxes against the items you want to zero and click on ‘Initialization’, which sets the counters to zero.

  7. Thank you, my PX700W is now functioning again.
    Do you have any advise on how to remove the ink pads and clean on this model?

    1. Glad the printer is up and running again. I’ve never tried cleaning the ink pads but I believe it’s potentially a very messy job!

  8. Many thanks Mark.Just reset and works a treat on my PX700W.Ive always really liked this printer and would have been gutted to bin it especially as I have added a CISS and separate waste tank.It will go kicking and screaming when it comes time for the bin :-).All the best.

    1. Great, yes, Artisan is the name they give the printer in USA and probably other countries. Stylus Photo in Europe. Good to know it works with the 800 though, thanks

  9. Hi Mark. Will this work with mac computers I have an iMac with os Yosemite and an Epson PX 700? Thanks Steve.

    1. I don’t have a Mac so have never tried it I’m afraid…. if you want a faster computer for your money always get a PC 😉 if you want something that looks like someone actually thought about the design get a MAC!

    2. What a sanctimonious person you are. Who are you to decide what computer people should purchase. Ask a genuine question and get a reply like yours, get a life. I have found information I wanted on a more reliable and friendly site. Idiot!!!!

    3. What an utter tosser you are. People search the web for assistance with a particular problem and expect a sensible reply, not a stupid unhelpful reply which you gave. Seems to me that you are actually answering questions you have fabricated. Remove yourself from the web. You are a dick!!

    4. Sounds to me you have a bit of an issue. Read my reply properly; I complimented both products on their respective strengths. I didn’t make any decisons about what computer people should buy. More importantly, I did not make a personal and insulting attack on you, something you have chosen to do against me. If you read the article properly you’ll see I make it perfectly clear I offer no support, the site is just a bit of fun for me and it matters not one jot if you come back or not. Bye.

    5. I do not have an issue. I had a problem with my printer went on the internet as people do to resolve problems. Found your site after searching the internet and thought you may have a resolution for my problem. I asked your a question which was: basically would your fix work with an iMac? There where only going to be two answers: Yes or No. Why did you have to make the remarks you made I wasn’t asking you to compare Mac versus PC which you did? Look at your reply it has no baring
      whatsoever on my question. You like a PC fair enough I now
      have a Mac personnel choice and I am very happy with it. If your site is a’ bit of fun’ as you put it tell people then they can ignore it and find a more reliable site which actually answers questions asked!

    6. There ‘wheren’t'(sic) only going to be two answers. There is also, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not going to answer that because I don’t provide suppport’ or several other similar variations. I have looked at my reply and it actually does have a baring (sic) on your question, it says quite clearly “I don’t have a Mac so have never tried it I’m afraid….” What part of that is not related to your question?
      I made a comment most people would find humorous. You seem to think I’m here for your benefit. You don’t pay me or pay towards my website so you are not in a position to criticise me or the support you get, I write about my experiences and hope they may be of use to other people. Nowhere on the site do I suggest any level of support or guarantee the accuracy of any of my comments. The article clearly states ‘no support’ yet you still ask a question and expect a reply? You are then annoyed because you didn’t get the reply you wanted? I find that amusing in itself. If you ‘expect’ to get something, I suggest you pay for it. Then you may have some redress if the support is not what you thought you were going to get. If you are getting it for free, perhaps you should be just grateful that someone has gone to the trouble of giving you something for absolutely nothing.

      Notice that I have so far resisted to the temptation to call you a tosser, an idiot, sanctimonious, or suggested you get a life? I have also not deleted your rantings or banned you from the site or from making comments because I hope other readers will find them as amusing as I do.

    7. Hi Stephen
      I used it on my Mac with Crossover program to install it. It runs well but gets the error msg due to not seeing it plugged into the USB port. That may be a issue with the program not familiar with the Mac. It does open all sections of the program. Will install windows or use a friends to get it to work. The only time I have ever needed Windows. Headaches are coming back.

  10. Hi do I need to connect the printer with a cable or can I connect wirelessly to reset the counter to zero I have an Epsom stylus photo px730wd. Did the above people who had problems with this one manage to resolve it do you know. Many thanks for any help you can give

    1. I’m fairly sure you will need to connect via cable, although not absolutely as I haven’t tried it myself. I think when this was asked before the solution was to connect via cable. I don’t know what level of communication the program needs but from experience with other devices (routers etc) this type of maintenance function generally needs a hard wire.

  11. HI, thanks for this. However, I have very little technical knowledge and having clicked on the link it says I need WinZip to open it and apparently my version has expired. What can I do? I don’t really want to buy it at £30 odd when I may never need to use it. I’m trying to save money by not having to buy a new printer! Haha! Any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Teresa, If you are using Windows you should be able to unzip the file using Windows built in zip utility. Just right click on the file and select ‘Extract all’ and specify where you want the files extracted too.

    2. Thank you very much for your help. Managed to open it but it said I don’t have permission to view it, and then Norton removed it :-/. Thanks anyway, but looks like it’s a new printer for me…

    3. Hi Teresa, must be due to your anti-vurus settings set to delete anything it doesn’t like automatically. You could try lowering the sensitivity of Norton and switching off auto delete then right click and run as administrator.

    4. just try it Teresa.its working.Download a free version of Winrar and install it on your computer.

  12. Thank You. This worked on my essentially “bricked” Artisan 700. I did have to connect a USB cable for the program to recognize the printer. No big deal. Your the MAN!

    1. Hey, glad it worked! Useful info on the lead, I think that tends to be the case depending on router/firewall settings and how much printer information is getting through.

  13. Hi.

    Like a couple of others, I found that this wouldn’t work on my PX730WD. I got a communication error.

    I notice that the program as downloaded has the model preselected as PX700. Might this be the issue? Has anyone made it work for the PX730, and how?

    And thanks, Mark, for posting this.

    1. The PX730WD is incredibly easy to set up wirelessly, mine did it almost automatically. If you’re printer is working wirelessly, which it may be doing even if you have a USB cable attached, the program may not work. Definitely needs to be communicating by USB only. Checking this may help.

  14. Hi Mark. Greetings from South Africa. Thanks for the application and all the requisite write-up . It has worked like a gem on the TX800FW

    1. Can you guide me how it worked on your tx800fw as it failed in mine. I didn’t get the waste ink reseter option.

    2. I don’t have an 800 I’m afraid, all I can suggest is make sure you use a USB connection, not wireless.

  15. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this – it worked for my Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW. And saved me 4.99 and the hassle of using Paypal to try to buy another program from elsewhere that I had found.
    Cheers for posting it, and so easy to do!

    1. It has been reported to work with the Stylus Photo PX800 which is the same printer. Just make sure you have a USB connection. It will not work over wireless.

  16. Hi. Thank-you. This worked great for my Artisan 700 which was rendered useless . There is nothing wrong with my printer so why should I be caught with a lot of useless leftover cartridges and having to pay for a new one just because the pads are full. Tubing the ink directly into a plastic bottle for now.

  17. Thank you so much, I have been trying everything, but still couldn’t get my Epson Artisan 800 waste in pad error go away. Luckily I found your site and with this reset program, I finally revise my printer. It is back to life again. Thank you so much.

  18. Thx for the informational post and useful reset tool! Just reset waste ink error on an Artisan 800 with the tool you found. Norton Security flagged one DLL file as suspicious, but that is typical for an unsanctioned tool such as this. I restored the DLL file from quarantine and excluded it from future scans. Worked perfectly the first time via USB cable. Printer saved from recycling for likely a few more years! Much appreciated! 🙂

  19. Just worked for my Artisan 800. To reset:
    1) Alt+Ctrl+Delete to bring up Windows Task Manager
    2) Under Processes kill all of processes that begin with “E_….exe” – those are all Epson Status Monitor
    3) Once epson status monitors is disabled, connect your printer via USB and wait for it to be all installed
    4) run the exe file in the zip above
    5) select the “auto locate” in the location
    6) follow the rest of instructions

    1. I did not work for my TX121. I still get communication error. It can’t read my printer 🙁

  20. On clicking Download I have a window pop up that says the download does not have a program associated with it.
    I am unsure as to what to do next?

  21. I tried the program on a freshly installed Laptop. Windows 10 64.bit.qit a Stylus Photo PX730WD.
    When run without compatibilty settings or as XP SP3 I get “communication error 2100012C”. In Win98 mode it is “communication error 20000010”. Running as administrator does not make a difference.
    Does anybody has an idea?
    Thanks in advance

    1. I do have the same error. My printer is TX121. I cannot change the default PX700W even though I am connected via USB. Please help!

  22. Just wanted to say thanks for this page. I’m not a techie but worked it out with the help of all the comments after telling Norton to accept the download. So far so good, though once the counter was reset the printer got through another new set of inks in just setting up. So glad I don’t use the official £50 a go jobs any more.

    It seems to be working ok now, so thank you for lifting me out of my printer gloom. It’s good to know there are people beating what appears to be a corporate stitch up designed to get people to fork out for unnecessary maintenance work or a brand new printer.

  23. A BIG THANKS to Mark and people who took time to develop such a software to over ride dreaded epson’s Ink Pad End of service their service life message. Was able to get back easily just by following the instructions. Incase you cannot connect wirelessly use USB. This was very helpful since printer was practically programmed to shut down.
    How can printer manufacturers can expect 15 pounds for 5 ml ink in the cartridge? I am from the days of dot matrix printers.. we could atleast reuse the ribbons. But thanks to CISS. Ink jet is equally affordable.

  24. Thank you for this. I resolve finally….My printer has been used very short since I bought it, and every time I had to clean the heads and the birds to print but in the end everything has involved 100% Waste Ink Counter.
    Greetings from Italy

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    Really useful post Mark – thank you
    I just bought my PX700W from eBay so imagine my annoyance at getting this message after a couple of months. of very light use.. I have sent Epson a rather annoyed email complaining of their blatant built in obsolescence tactics…
    Anyhow, I then found your article and tried out the ‘fix’ – at first it wouldn’t work as I was using the wi-fi to connect to the printer – I switched to a USB cable, and it found the printer using autoselect. Massively happy to have this resolved so easily… I am now checking out some of the other maintenance features of this software… particularly the head cleaning as my printer keeps telling me it can’t clean the heads properly – Thanks Again

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