Early Start… and we missed it!

After weeks of carefully watching a pair of blue tits building the nest, laying the eggs and rearing their young we missed the big event as the surviving 3 chicks left the nest. They must have flown early this morning as they were definitely still in the next as darkness fell last night. Now kicking myself for not leaving the camera recording all night.

Here they are over the last weekend.

The parents are feeding the chicks in the surrounding bushes and trees and I managed to catch a few photos of one of them that crash landed in next doors flower bed. As you can see, it did make it back into the tree after some coaxing and bribes of food from both parents.

It’s been a little traumatic watching the nest over the weeks as they did start with 10 eggs. At one stage they were losing a chick per day and we thought that they were all going to go the same way. However, 3 did survive the last 4/5 days with constant feeding from both parents they’ve managed to avoid whatever afflicted their siblings and it’s good to see them make it out of the box.

Time to start planning for next year and I hope to have better cameras with different viewing angles, plus I will fix the night vision.


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