Chocolate Express (Jersey) Review – Not Express at All!

This is a review of my recent experience of:

Central Market Confectionary (sic – the fact they can’t spell confectionery should have been a clue!) Ltd, trading as Chocolate Express, 75-77 Central Market
Halkett Place, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 4WL
Telephone: 01534 873834
Registered Co Number: 69169

Thinking of ordering from Chocolate Express? Don’t bother.

I ordered a box of chocolate cherries as a Christmas present for my Mum on 7th December on the basis that the site promised next day 1st Class shipping. The ‘Delivery’ tab on te product page gives you every indication you will hav ethe product in 3-5 days. See the screen grab below. Chocolate Express Delivery

Despite there not being any indication that the product may be out of stock did not receive a shipping notification until 14th Dec. However I have my doubts that it was shipped at all as I still haven’t received the product on 24th December (Happy Christmas Mum!!!), certainly not 1st Class if it has shipped! In my experience it’s normal practice to let people know if you are likely to be outside delivery times indicated on your site, or am I being too demanding Chocolate Express?

Over the last 2 weeks I have emailed 3-4 times, tweeted, phoned numerous times (always get the answerphone), none of which have been replied to until an email I sent yesterday, 23rd Dec, to which I received a reply today saying “We are now closed”. This was sent by a human despite an attempt to disguise it as an autoresponse as it didn’t arrive until today (autoresponders are always instant – I sent another just to test, no response, they think I’m stupid), so they could have addressed my concerns. So someone is there, they have just chosen not to reply to any of my attempts to contact them.

This company doesn’t make the products so they are entirely about customer service and added value. They knew this was a present and they didn’t have the decency to let me know I wasn’t going to get it in time, just awful and damn rude! I order stuff every week online and have done for many years. Quite often stuff is late, sometimes not in stock despite the site indicating otherwise, arrives damaged etc etc. Things go wrong from time to time, nobody’s perfect but always, always I have either been informed of what is going on without prompting or I have received a timely reply to an email or call addressing my concerns. Not with Chocolate Express. Quite clearly someone at Chocolate Express has seen my emails, chosen to ignore them and even written a pretend autoresponse rather than take my concerns head on. Woeful customer service, just terrible as well as downright deceitful. Don’t even think about buying from Chocolate Express, there are plenty of other places to buy chocolates. Even the name is a joke – Chocolate EXPRESS indeed!!

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