One amusing moment was the guy carrying the flag bearing the slogan 'Free Speach'. If you are going to spend your time demanding it, you should at least devote a little time learning to spell it if you are to be taken seriously. Could this be indicative of your average Tommy Robinson supporter?

ANTI FASCIST vs PRO TOMMY ROBINSON2019-08-20T22:42:55+01:00

London 2012 Cycling Time Trial

A few shots from both the womens' and mens' London 2012 Olympic Cycling Time Trial, including Bradley Wiggins only a few kilometers from the finish and Team GB's 2nd Gold Medal of the Olympics, the first being won on the same day by the ladies rowing pair of Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. The start of an outstanding games for the Great Britain Team.

London 2012 Cycling Time Trial2019-08-13T23:41:19+01:00
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