Although they looked a bit scary, the anti-fascist protestors organised by the London Anti-Fascist Assembly on 3rd August 2019 were remarkably peaceful. Watching from the sidelines it was very interesting to see the pro Tommy Robinson supporters trying to individually get past police lines. They were also easily overheard shouting to each other ‘I’ve got a plan’ etc. The plan was clearly to try and engage with the anti-fascists group.

Although the paper’s tried to make more of the odd bottle being thrown, it was all fairly peaceful, although the Free Tommy group did fragment into smaller groups roaming the streets and chanting, which was potentially a little unnerving for the shoppers!

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Anti-Fascist Protestors
Police LIne
Police Manage Protest
Police Horses
Shouting at Police
Free Speach (sic)

Whilst taking these shots the thing that really struck home was just how much money these sort of protests cost. There were police everywhere, on foot, motorbikes, cars and a helicopter. All trying to second guess the next move by either group. Freedom of speech is one thing but the average person who feels compelled to make them self heard in this way is probably also going to be complaining when the police are too busy to protect them from harm.


On the subject of police doing their job, I managed to get an image of one Tommy Robinson supporter literally shouting the odds right in the face of a line of police. How he even thought those individual police had anything to do with anything he was angry about or could solve his problem I have no idea. One amusing moment was the guy carrying the flag bearing the slogan ‘Free Speach’. If you are going to spend your time demanding it, you should at least devote a little time learning to spell it if you are to be taken seriously.