Hello World – A Brand New Blog

Mark KneenThis is my first post on my brand new blog. I’m pretty pleased with myself, ordered the hosting, registered the domain, uploaded and installed WordPress without a single hitch in just a couple of hours. A big part of the success was the speed and simplicity of the hosting and domain setup from tsohost.co.uk, great value, super fast response to queries and it all works!! I even set up the blog manually, before I found the software on cPanel to do it automatically, just brilliant. I’m going to have a glass of wine to celebrate.

My plans for this blog are to publish some of my photographs and I also hope to do hands on kit reviews, news as well as hints and tips on gear, software and tecniques. I’ll also cover other subjects that I’m interested in. These will probabaly be the ones I’m photographing anyway, so there will be some photographic connection.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty much focussing on setting things up, getting the theme right etc etc.

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